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Feeding & Storage Guide

There are a number of factors that play a role in your pets’ weight and how much food they should have a day; activity, appetite, breed and lifestyle all play a significant part.

As a rule of thumb we recommend an adult dog should have between 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day spread over two meals. For puppies they will need approximately 5-8% of their body weight per day spread between 3-4 meals. At around 6 months old they are at the stage where the quantity of food can be reduced and number of feeds per day reduced to the level of an adult dog. 

Below is a guide to how much to feed your dog, please remember all dogs vary so adjust accordingly 

Dog Weight       Adult (2.5%)        Puppy (6%)

      5kg                        125g                     300g

     10kg                       250g                     600g

    15kg                       375g                     900g

    20kg                       500g                    1200g

    25kg                       625g                    1500g

    30kg                       750g                       -

    40kg                      1000g                      -

As when handling any raw food it is important to keep things clean. Our recipes and premises go through continuous checks and testing to ensure they are safe to feed. Below are a few tips on storing & handling your Hungry Hound raw natural dog food.

Store your food safely

You can pop your Hungry Hound in the fridge or straight in the freezer in our freezer safe, resealable, reusable containers. Once defrosted we do not recommend you keep it for more than four days in your fridge.

You can defrost overnight

Allow up to 12 hours for your Hungry Hound to defrost in your fridge, remember this is a raw product so keep it on a separate shelf at the bottom of your fridge.

Or defrost at room temperarture

In our reusable, resealable containers or even in your pet's bowl

Remember to keep clean and wash your surfaces, utensils and hands

As you would after any raw food handling...keep clean. Don’t forget to give your dogs bowl a wash out at the end of the day...we all like eating off a clean plate.

Disposing of containers

Our containers are made out of recycled plastic, so pop it in the correct bin when you’ve finished with the container.