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About Us....

The concept behind Hungry Hound started growing slowly when we brought Milly home as an adorable 7 week old puppy, 5 years ago. I had always been a dog lover and Milly, our first dog after getting married, (more like a first child, some would say!) firmly cemented that feeling. Utterly besotted, I set about researching the best possible food for our growing dog. Having a background trained as a butcher and then on to working in the meat machinery industry for the last 18 years, I have a very good knowledge of the way meat is processed, what goes into both human grade food and food for the pet industry and the standards applicable to both.

I became acutely aware that many of the mass produced dried and processed dog foods commercially available are constituted of waste product from the meat industry and more worryingly meat or animal derivatives. This means the manufacturer is not explicit about the type of meat being used. To this day I’m shocked how accepted this is in the UK, given that we are a nation of dog lovers with many of us looking upon our pets as family members, which look to us with 100% trust.

Simply, this didn’t sit right with me and I was concerned about the effect it could have upon Milly’s health and lifespan. I wanted to give her good food and be sure about its origins and nutrients. I started to read more about various diets and came across more and more information about a raw diet. We didn’t know anyone feeding their dog on raw food and it seemed a bit scary at first, so we continued to use the “ premium” dog foods as suggested by the vets and Milly’s breeder.

However, Milly went on to suffer from repeated ear infections, stomach upsets (recurrent vomiting and diarrhoea) skin rashes with patches of alopecia (hair loss), loss of appetite and general lethargy...we were on first name terms with our local vet and all the nurses!

After months of visits, tablets, ear drops and creams, with no real answers, aside from a last ditch suggestion of a camera into her stomach to look for a reason for the vomiting, we decided to look for a more holistic approach. The nagging doubt over her highly processed food and her apathy for it forced our hand into trying an alternative approach.

We took the plunge and tried a raw diet. Very quickly we saw a massive improvement. She wanted to eat again, her energy levels came back. Other people started to notice and comment in the park at her speed and stamina and love for play again. Because the decline was so insidious, sadly we hadn’t really noticed how lethargic she had become. We had our happy puppy back!

Although some may say a little obsessed, I was still not happy that I was giving Milly the absolute best. My knowledge of the meat industry meant that I was aware that a lot of raw products available on the market are still using waste products from the meat industry. Some as the main ingredient and others in extremely high percentages, which tends to contain a large percentage of bone. We noticed Milly was struggling now with constipation which we attributed to excessive calcium in her diet from the large percentage of bone in the food. A diet too high in calcium can also cause other problems such as kidney stones.

After a 2 year search, unsuccessfully, to find a food that was right for Milly, the seed was planted with the idea of producing it myself and the idea was soon to become a reality...

JW Mettricks & Sons are a multi award winning retail butcher & abattoir, winning Britain’s best butcher in the UK & Ireland. They are also extremely well known for several TV appearances on shows, ”Kill it, Cook it, Eat it”, “ The Hairy Bikers”, “Alan Titchmarsh Show” and several others. Most importantly they are respected in the industry for their industry expertise and high standards of operation. By chance we discovered each other’s desire to produce a quality dog food and started out on this venture. I applied my processing knowledge with their product knowledge and set out on a mission to produce the best quality dog food you can buy.

The recipes have been formulated in conjunction with a professional animal food consultant to ensure our dogs are getting all that is needed to provide a complete diet. We use ingredients that would never normally be used in pet food, such as fresh chicken, turkey leg meat, fresh fruit and vegetables along with oils and vitamin & mineral supplements. They have been analysed, confirming they contain the right amount of the various proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet . This was hugely reassuring for us to have the proof that Milly is not getting too much or too little of what is required, but also to be confident to recommend this product to others.

The recipes are carefully produced in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency. They are made in a purpose built, fully approved facility that is of a hygiene standard that rivals some of the best manufacturers of human grade food. The ingredients too are of top quality human grade*.

In short, I am proud to say the end product is something quite special and what all of our dogs deserve.

James Garner

*some products contain green tripe. For tripe to be human grade it needs to be bleached or scalded which turns it white and destroys a lot of the nutrients and smell that dogs find so irresistible!